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    • ITIA's 36th Annual General Meeting, October 2023, Imperial Hotel Osaka, Japan

      Our company will participate in ITIA's 36th Annual General Meeting in Osaka, Japan.

      2023-09-20 管理員 21

    • Ferroalloys Asian Conference 2023

      Our company sent a delegation participating in the 22nd Fastmarkets Ferroalloys Asian Conference 2023, which was held on March 13-15 in Singapore with more than 350 companies coming from all o

      2023-04-06 管理員 19

    • Dongguan CNC Tool Industrial Park project negotiation meeting was held in Ganzhou

      On July 24, 2021, the Dongguan CNC Tool Industry Association of Guangdong Province negotiated the investment and construction of the CNC Tool Industrial Park in Ganzhou Economic and Technological Development Zone to help "World Tungsten Capital" build a "World Tool".

      2021-09-07 管理員 26

    • In 2021, the tungsten market is worth looking forward to!

      During the Spring Festival, the financial market performed hotly and the external market continued to rise sharply. The Japanese stock market hit a 30-year high, and the US stock market kept breaking new records. Commodities performed well, international oil prices broke through the $60/barrel mark, international copper futures prices were close to their highs since May 2012, and tin prices soared. International Tungsten Market: There are still foreign order inquiries during the holiday period. The trends of international tungsten and APT are different, and there is not much guidance. Domestic tungsten market: Today is the first working day of the lunar year of the ox. Although nearly half of the mines have not resumed work, many APT companies have officially resumed work today, and many have not yet resumed official quotations. They are all looking towards 140,000 and above.

      2021-09-07 方新俠 38

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