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  • Tungsten Trioxide

    Tungsten trioxide (WO3) is a chemical compound composed of tungsten and oxygen. It is one of the most common and stable forms of tungsten oxide and has several important applications. Chemical Composition: Tungsten trioxide has the chemical formula WO3, indicating that it consists of one tungsten atom (W) and three oxygen atoms (O).

    Consulting Products

    Appearance: blue, yellow or violet crystal powders without obvious lumps and foreign matters. 

    Physical Properties: Tungsten trioxide is a yellow to bluish-grey or pale yellow powder, depending on its specific crystalline structure. It is relatively dense and has a high melting point, making it suitable for various high-temperature applications.

    Forms: Tungsten trioxide can exist in different crystalline forms, including monoclinic, orthorhombic, and hexagonal structures, each with slightly different properties.


       - Pigments: Tungsten trioxide is commonly used as a yellow pigment in ceramics and paints.

       - Catalysts: It serves as a catalyst in some chemical reactions, particularly those involving oxidation and reduction processes.

       - Electrochromic Materials: Tungsten trioxide is used in electrochromic materials, which can change their optical properties (such as colour or transparency) in response to an electric current. This property is utilized in smart windows and displays.

       - Gas Sensors: Tungsten trioxide is employed in gas sensors to detect certain gases and pollutants due to its sensitivity to changes in gas concentrations.

       - Tungsten Production: It is an intermediate product in producing pure tungsten metal. Tungsten trioxide can be reduced to tungsten metal through a chemical or electrochemical process.

    Tungsten trioxide's unique properties, such as its colouration, high-temperature stability, and electrochromic capabilities, make it valuable in various industrial and scientific applications.

    Products: Yellow tungsten oxide (YTO), Blue tungsten oxide (BTO) and Violet tungsten oxide (VTO). 


    Screening & Packaging:

    (1) Bag packaging: inner double plastic bags and an outside woven bag with net weight of 1000kg;

    (2) Drum packaging: inner double plastic bags with net weight of 200kg per drum;

    (3) 100% through 80mesh sieve.