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  • Tungsten Metal Powder

    Tungsten metal powder is a powdered metallic tungsten, which is a raw material for the preparation of tungsten processing materials, tungsten alloys and tungsten products. It is a grey-black metal with metallic luster.

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    Tungsten metal powder is a finely divided form of tungsten, a chemical element with the symbol W and atomic number 74. It comprises tiny tungsten particles in powder form and is a crucial intermediate material in producing various tungsten products.

    Appearance: Light or dark grey without obvious lumps or foreign matters.

    Production: Tungsten metal powder is typically produced through a reduction process. The most common method involves reducing tungsten oxide (usually tungsten trioxide, WO3) with hydrogen gas (H2) or carbon (C) at high temperatures. The reduction process results in the formation of tungsten metal powder.

    Particle Size: The size of the tungsten metal powder particles can vary depending on the specific manufacturing process and intended applications. Particle sizes can range from nanometers to micrometres.

    Purity: Tungsten metal powder is often produced to high purity levels, with impurities kept to a minimum. The purity of the powder is crucial for ensuring the quality of the final tungsten products.

    Applications: Tungsten metal powder serves as a feedstock material for the production of various tungsten products, including:

       - Tungsten Alloys: Tungsten metal is commonly alloyed with other elements, such as nickel, iron, and copper, to create high-strength and high-density materials used in aerospace, military, and industrial applications.

       - Tungsten Carbide: Tungsten metal powder can be combined with carbon to produce tungsten carbide, a hard and wear-resistant material used in cutting tools, drilling bits, and industrial machinery.

       - Electrical Contacts: Tungsten metal is used in electrical contacts and filaments, where its high melting point and electrical conductivity make it ideal for applications like light bulbs and electronic components.

       - Radiation Shielding: Due to its high density, tungsten is used in radiation shielding applications, such as in medical and industrial X-ray equipment.

    Tungsten metal powder is a versatile material with a wide range of applications, particularly in industries where high-density, high-strength, and high-temperature resistance properties are required. Its production and careful processing are essential to ensure the quality and performance of tungsten-based products.


    Screening and Packaging:

    (1) Sieving conducted as per GB/T3458-2006; 

    (2) Iron drum with inner double plastic vaccum sealed bags and net weight of 50kgs/drum.