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  • Tungsten Metal Bar

    Tungsten metal bars are tungsten square bars or tungsten round bars made of tungsten powder through the densification process such as powder blending, pressing and sintering.

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    Types: square bar, round bar.

    Tungsten metal bars are tungsten square bars or tungsten round bars made of tungsten powder through the densification process such as powder blending, pressing and sintering. According to different chemical compositions and applications, they can be divided into three grades: TW-1, TW-2 and TW-4. TW-1 is mainly used as raw material for tungsten-based alloys, TW-2 is used as raw material for processed materials, and TW-4 is used as an alloy additive.


    (1) Gray or dark grey and no water absorption on the surface.

    (2) No over-melting, bulging, layering or cracking, and no obvious light yellow or black oxidation. 

    Composition: Tungsten metal bars are made from pure tungsten, which means they consist of almost entirely tungsten atoms. The purity level of tungsten in these bars can vary, but they are typically produced to high levels of purity to meet specific performance requirements.

    Density: 17.5g/cm3. Tungsten has one of the highest densities of all naturally occurring elements, making tungsten metal bars exceptionally heavy for their size. This high density is desirable for various applications, such as counterweights in aerospace and medical devices.

    Melting Point: Tungsten has an extremely high melting point, around 3,422 degrees Celsius (6,192 degrees Fahrenheit). This property makes tungsten metal bars suitable for use in high-temperature environments.

    Electrical Conductivity: While tungsten is not as good a conductor as copper or aluminium, it still has excellent electrical conductivity, making it valuable in electrical and electronic applications where high-temperature conditions are encountered.

    Applications: Tungsten metal bars find use in a range of applications, including:

       - Aerospace: Tungsten is used in aerospace as ballast weights to balance aircraft and rockets.

       - Radiation Shielding: Due to its high density, tungsten is used in medical and industrial applications for radiation shielding.

       - Electrical Contacts: Tungsten is used in electrical contacts and electrodes due to its high melting point.

       - Filaments: Tungsten metal bars can be used to create filaments for incandescent light bulbs and other high-temperature heating applications.

       - Alloys: Tungsten is alloyed with other metals, such as nickel, iron, and copper, to create materials with specific properties for various industrial uses.

    Tungsten metal bars are versatile materials valued for their high density, durability, and resistance to high temperatures, making them indispensable in a variety of industrial and technological applications.



    Inner polyfoam plate with outside wooden cases, or in iron drum of 250kgs net.